Handmade manufacture

We have a strong ethos behind our furniture manufacture. Joel is passionate about his industry and works hard to promote and support our British artisans. As such we only commission the skills of independent, British cabinet makers in our furniture production.

All our furniture is handmade by one of our carefully selected partners. They are chosen based on their skillset and facilities that are most suited to the style, material and complexity required in the project.

We are well informed of environmental concerns within the timber production process and assure sustainability by only using certified timbers, predominately from Europe and we endeavour to limit the use of plastics as much as we can.

All our furniture is detailed with our own custom designed and made decorative ironmongery. We have developed a range of handles, hinges, drawer pulls, knobs and latches with a UK specialist and all are available in an array of finishes. The collection has been drawn together through Joel’s extensive research of now obsolete patterns he has collected from antique shops and markets over the years. The range was devised through his own frustration at the absence of quality designs available on the market. For Joel ironmongery is ‘the eyes, nose and mouth’ of the furniture.

Installation of our furniture is undertaken by the cabinet maker team with Joel in attendance too. Joel attends the install of every fit, assisting with the setting out of the furniture and adopts a hands-on approach throughout the duration of the fit.