Our specialism lies in kitchen design and as the modern heart of the home it’s a room that now commands considered, multi-functional design. As we don’t have ranges of furniture our designs are limitless and wholly bespoke, allowing us to create a space that works for you and the aesthetics of your home. Our designs are created with your best domestic arrangement in mind and not with the intention of filling the room with unnecessary cupboards.

Joel has firm foundations within the kitchen industry, giving us a comprehensive knowledge base to be able to source and recommend the most appropriate appliances, flooring, stone, lighting, extraction and all related accessories your kitchen requires. Through his experience Joel’s designs include our own internal storage solutions such as knife racks, chopping boards, larders, sliding mechanisms rather than relying on pre-fabricated off the shelf solutions, which through experience are prone to failure.

Understandably, kitchens require many services; electrical, plumbing, building and we undertake extensive site inspections and related drawing plans for the services teams to provide safe and well considered connection and isolation points to try and avoid unsightly switches and cables.